Friday, 16 April 2010


It is a truth universally acknowledged that every woman is in need of a Gay Best Friend. I'm lucky enough to have an abundance of these, and I've decided that I'm going to loan them out to you (I'm just generous like that), so they can give you the unique, brutally honest advice that only a GBF can give.
The inaugural GBF of the month is my closest confidant, Tim Clifton-Green. Admire him! Be in awe of his stylishness!

I thought I would start the ball rolling with two questions of my own...

Me: Timmy,I love this season's Celine show. Do you think I can pull off a leather short?

Timmy: Darling, unless you have the legs (and height, and come to think of it attitude too) of an ostrich I would steer clear of leather shorts. Even Celine's buttery soft offerings this season will add bulk and I can't begin to imagine how they would look after a journey on public transport / or at the end of a working girls day. Ultimately, these are a look for a woman that has a car waiting outside at all times.

Me: I met a boy the other day but didn't get his number. Will looking him up on facebook and sending him a message make me seem both tragic and desperate?

Timmy: Now before the advice can be served on this subject two questions need to be clarified. 1, are you a slut? 2, is he a slut? If you've answered yes to both of these, then stalking on facebook is totes fine, in fact I would highly recommend it. Nothing better than a bit of hot Internet exchange to liven up a dull afternoon in the office?
If however you are looking for love, forget it. If he was that interested he would have made sure you had his digits. Simples.

He's at your disposal all him your questions!

Image by Josh Olins.

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